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Amazing Facts about the Bible
Posted by Ronald Mapamula on 4/30/2014

The world over, there is no mistaking to the fact of how great an impact The Bible has. An impact that covers all human societies and facets of life. From being a leading source of Counsel (on a broad spectrum of everyday issues); a cause for religious and political contentions; to being a historical authority, to being the inspiration behind the writing of many a number of books, to its use as a commercial product. Great organizations have been built around it and so has many organisations against it, many great historical events have been incited by it (The Dark Ages, The Crusaders) and the gravity of its influence is certain to be felt in ages far beyond ours. Despite its age it is still powering a great many dialogues to this day.

Considering the apparent magnitude of The Bible's weight on societies, not much is known about it. Now, by virtue missions organisations (Watchtower.og, Gideon's international etc) many households and persons own a Bible, it seems to be a commonplace phenomenon. It seems now to be a mystery set in the open, with no more flair and no longer prompting awe. There are some amazing facts worth knowing about the bible.
Wondering what these are, we'll here they are!

1. It was written over a period of 1600 years. To bring things to perspective, just 300 years ago Africa didn't need to fight for independence, for it was still to be 'discovered'. It would need 200 years to invent the needle let alone the automobile or the telephone ( let's not mention the internet or computers)

2. About 50 bibles are sold every minute. I bet you're smart, you can do the math for how many are sold in a year or since you were born.

3. 168 000 bibles are sold/donated each day in the U.S.A (fancy doing the Math again?)

4. Ironically, being the World's bestselling book ever, it is also the most shoplifted too. Now that's interesting isn't it?

5. The Catholic Church charged with death by hanging, anyone who had a non-Latin bible.

6. So strong was this gesture that when Wycliffe made the First know English translation of the bible, the infuriated Pope (44 years after Wycliffe's death) ordered that his bones be exhumed, crushed and the powder scattered into the river.

7. The original bible text had no Chaptes and Verses.

  • Chapters were introduced by Cardinal Hugo de S Caro in AD.1238
  • Verses were introduced by Sir Robertus Stephanus in AD. 1551

8. The KJV also known as The Authorised Version (considered the most accurate translation of the Bible) was the 7th translation and it took 7 years to translate.

9. Though there are many religious writings The Bible is the only one that claims to be the Word of God in verbatim words. The phrase "thus saith The Lord" (which supposedly precedes the actual words of God) appears over 3000 times in the Bible.

10. The Bible is the most translated writing, having been  translated into 2018 languages to this date.

11. “The Bible is the only book that states how the world came to be, the birth of man, the journey of man’s life to the present time, and even what is going to happen in the future.”


12: There are over 100 scientific discoveries that prove the Bible’s scientific accuracy. Read more here!

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Amazing and interesting facts about the bible.
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