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Celebrate and Value every Moment.
Posted by Ronald Mapamula on 12/24/2014

Celebrate and value every moment

Life is not a contour-less continuum. It is a series of time frames that sometimes appear like an unending continuum. Lifes shifts and turns are easier to understand in retrospect. Yet each moment has its own signature and time-stamp. Each moment matters, lives on and is worth celebrating. When you lose a loved one it is hard for your friends and relatives to understand how and what you feel. They may see your face, touch your hand, hug you tightly and walk away but they will never see what you see and feel what you feel. They will never see all the many little videos of moments that play through your mind. Sometimes it takes death for us to value the moments that look so ordinary and repeatable. Do not make that mistake.

Live in the present and live out each moment. This is the day that The Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it. Refuse to let precious moments pass you by, while blindly you look for the dark spots and warts. Celebrate each day. Think and thank every day. Value every moment, create and treasury every memory. Let your mind be present and your spirit be alert. No two moments are the same and no two days are alike. Each day, each hour is special, precious and peculiar.

Celebrate every moment and thank God for every opportunity. Celebrate the good times, they show you how abundant life can be. Celebrate the dark days, they herald the coming of breakthroughs and testimonies. Celebrate the ordinary days, they are the foundation of all greatness. Celebrate the moments that your enemies snipe at you, they show that you are important enough to recognize. Celebrate the moments of your elevation, they show that heights can be scaled and dreams can come true. Celebrate the moments of your shame, they show that you too, like all of us are just human and a candidate of grace. Never waste a moment for every moment is pregnant with opportunity and priceless information. 

Some time ago I was talking to a friend and she opined that one of these days when she gets the time she would like us to do a joint motivational presentation. Being an accountant by training I wondered what her subject would be. Before I could dream of balance sheets, financial statement, budgets and cashflows she blurted, A sup of tea! She went on to share her philosophy and metaphor of the cup of tea. She said she loves to slowly but deliberately sip her tea boiling-point hot and steamy. She loves every one of those refreshing tea moments. Unfortunately at times she has to put her cup down and attend to some issue or meeting. When she comes back to her cup of tea she finds it cold and the experience is not the same any more for her. The tea is bland, filmy and not the same. For her life is like a cup of tea.

I want to sip every moment, she whispered in her velvet voice. She went on to tell me how she wants to take in every moment while it is hot. Although she has a busy schedule as a finance director, she wants to be there at the hot tea cup moments of her husband, children and the people that matter in her life. With a slight gaze she said, Sip it while it is there!

Never let special moments pass by uncelebrated. Todays tea is not the same as tomorrows brew. Life is too precious to be wasted through endless sulking, mindless arguments and repeating dateless past hurts.

Thank you for continuing to support Innov8 and follow my motivational installments. May you have a happy and fulfilling CHRISTmas. May the new year, 2015 be filled with opportunity and goodness.
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melody Date 12/24/2014
lovely message.thanx for reminding us to celebrate life especially the hot tea moments.
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