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E.C.D A: Keys To Physical Education (New Curriculum)

ISBN Number 9781316641040
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E.C.D A: Keys To Physical Education (New Curriculum)
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Keys to Early Childhood Development (ECD)
Keys to Early Childhood Development (ECD) is an exciting and stimulating course that has been specifically developed for the NEW Zimbabwean ECD Curriculum. The course covers all the subjects for both Level A and B, and gives learners the opportunity to develop and practice the skills that will prepare them for Grade 1.

Keys to ECD in the Infant Phase lays the foundation for all future development and learning. Learners explore a wide range of topics to

• develop a variety of social skills
• communicate effectively in different situations
• provide learners with a sense of fun, enjoyment and entertainment
• solve problems creatively through imaginative thinking
• communicate information, knowledge and national ideals through displays
• acquire team building skills, confidence and self esteem
• develop an appreciation of national heritage and identity

Keys to ECD Level A course has eight components

• Keys to Indigenous Language (English) Learner’s Book
• Keys to Mathematics and Science and ICT Learner’s Book
• Keys to Heritage-Social Studies Learner’s Book
• Keys to Visual and Performing Arts Learner’s Book
• Keys to Physical Education Learner’s Book
• Keys to Mass Displays Learner’s Book
• Keys to An Integrated Workbook
• Keys to An Integrated Teacher’s Resource Book
• The Keys to Learner’s Books offer

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