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Making a Purchase at Innov8 Bookshop

New Customer Checkout

Placing an order with Innov8 Bookshop is quick and easy. New customers can check out and create an account at the same time  or they can complete their order without creating an account. The advantages of having an account inlude:
  • Faster shopping and checkout on your next visit
  • Obtaining a history of the items you've purchased
  • Receipt of updates on special offers  
  • The ability to retain items in your Cart and Wishlist
If you opt not to create an account you will have to reenter information required at checkout each time you make a purchase.

1. Add Items to Your Cart
To shop at Innov8 Bookshop just locate an item you'd like to purchase and click the "Add to Cart" button. These buttons are usually found beneath featured products on product pages, product category pages and search result pages. Clicking this button places the item in your cart. Each time you click "Add to cart," the page will refresh and display the newest item in your Cart as well as previous additions and links to "Update Cart," "Save for Later," "Continue Shopping and "Proceed to Checkout."

2. Viewing and Editing Cart Contents 
You do not have to view your entire Cart before you check out but it's a great place to look over your order. The Cart displays all the items you have selected and lets you make adjustments. You can increase or reduce the number of copies you'd like to buy or remove items from your Cart by clicking on the "X" next to the item you want to remove. The Cart also provides a subtotal before any shipping charges are applied. Once you are comfortable with the items in your Cart, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button.

3. Proceed to Checkout
All customers are taken to our Checkout page where returning customers can sign in to their accounts and new customers can complete their orders. If you are a new customer you will be able to create an account during this process. If you wish, you may also complete your order without creating an account.

4. Enter a Billing and Shipping Address
We will ask you to provide a billing and shipping address for the order you are placing and ask for your email address so we can send you updates on its order status.If your billing and shipping information are the same you can tick the "Same as Billing" check box so your billing information is automatically updated into your shipping information

5. Choose a Payment Method
Here you select your payment method. There are two methods of payment which are the online method and the offline method. With the online method you select Credit Card under "Payment Methods" thereafter you can pay using a MasterCard or a Visa card. With the offline payment method you select Bank Transfer under "Payment Method" thereafter you can pay by either making a cash deposit or a cash transfer into our bank account. Confirmation of payment with the online method is done online however, the offline method requires you to fax or email a scanned copy of the proof of payment to innov8 bookshop. The bank account details and the contact information for the offline method of payment can be viewed once you select the Bank Transfer payment method and click "Checkout." A seperate page will open highlighting the relevant information.

6. Reviewing Your Order
Once you click "Checkout" you will be taken to a order summery page which includes an invoice showing the information regarding your order. You will find your order number which is the same as your invoice number at the top right corner of the page which you can save for your records.
7. Shipping/Delivery
Once you have gone gone through all the stages above and payment has been confirmed, your order will be shipped/delivered to you wherever you are!

Returning Customer Checkout

If you've shopped at Innov8 Bookshop before and have an account, Checkout lets you store default billing and shipping information and place orders quickly. Sice you have already shopped here before, you are probably familiar with the Checkout process described in our New Customers section.


NB: Innov8 Bookshop offers a safe payment platform for online payment methods which ensures that your credit card information is not vulnerable to abuse. For further information feel free to Contact Us

Entering Zip Codes

When entering certain information such as billing and shipping address,you may be be required to enter a zip code. If you are in Zimbabwe where zip codes do not apply, simply enter 00000. The zip code field cannot be left blank.
We look forward to having YOU as our client. If you wish to make a purchase please follow this link Home