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The Benefits of Reading
Posted by Ronald Mapamula on 12/9/2014 to Life Changing Books
Reading is not just running our eyes through a couple of pages. There is more to it that it seems. Below are few of the many blessings that come along with constant reading. What are you waiting for, start today and experience them too. Let's get reading!
5 Must Read Books for Every Entrepreneur in 2012
Posted by Tinashe Nyaruwanga on 12/4/2012 to Life Changing Books
Are you one of those entrepreneurs that are passionate about making things happen and are ready to take action and jumpstart their business and personal success in 2012. If you are then you need to get your hands on these 5 Must Read books for Entrepreneurs.

 Life Changing Books

 Celebrating Africa: Facts about Africa
 Celebrate and Value every Moment.
 The Benefits of Reading
 Amazing Facts about the Bible
 Succeeding In Turbulence

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