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Read, add Knowledge and Uplift your Life to Greatness!
Posted by Ronald Mapamula on 5/22/2012
Read, add Knowledge and Uplift your Life to Greatness!
It has been held in consensus that any burning cause, any worthy ideal deemed fit to influence man should be put it into writing. From days of old (such)information was kept in scrolls, though nowadays we have books, pamphlets , magazines, nooks etc. It is easy to note that any worthwhile knowledge is found therein. Yet many spend their time scratching around life, searching else for the wisdom of the ages, yet it is all before them.
The unfortunate scenario is that only a handful of people nowadays take time to grow themselves and to read material in line with their goals; the bulk of them read only for academia (exams), and afterwards, fall back into the pit of misinformation, ignorance and self neglect. Such are them who take no time to gain understanding , who are all knowing that they believe they have nothing more to learn or no man has anything that could be of benefit to the enrichment of their lives.
The main differential of people is the level of knowledge they operate at...the paradigm to which to adhere and act in.Committing to continual growth and mental upliftment are #sure sign of Greatness in the making. Your talent and inherent ability cannot grow you to being the success you were made to be, Start reading! Reading opens your understanding to new perceptions and possibilities. Your actions and life are governed by one constant The amount and type of Information you have ., Go ahead start to use this precept in your favour, Start Reading!
Today! Start working on the Habit of reading, let not a day pass without you reading something worthwhile, something that enhances your chances and capacity to attain your most revered ideals and goals, that improves your carreer success, pushes you out of mediocrity, something, that will ADD VALUE to your life! All greats bear consensus to this truth.
Choose today to make Reading an Enduring Value to your life!
Innov8 Bookshop~Inspiring Greatness!
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