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Amazing Facts about the Bible
Posted by Ronald Mapamula on 4/30/2014

Amazing Facts of the Bible:

Considering the apparent magnitude of The Bible's weight on societies, not much is known about it. Now, by virtue missions organisations (Watchtower.og, Gideon's international etc) many households and persons own a Bible, it seems to be a commonplace phenomenon. It seems now to be a mystery set in the open, with no more flair and no longer prompting awe. There are some amazing facts worth knowing about the bible.
Wondering what these are, we'll here they are!

1. It was written over a period of 1600 years. To bring things to perspective, just 300 years ago Africa didn't need to fight for independence, for it was still to be 'discovered'. It would need 200 years to invent the needle let alone the automobile or the telephone ( let's not mention the internet or computers)...

Succeeding In Turbulence
Posted by Ronald Mapamula on 4/25/2014
Anyone can hold the steering wheel when all is calm and there is no turbulence. Risk is least when there is nothing worthwhile you are pursuing. When the winds blow and vision is blurred skill, character, courage and fortitude are required. On any graduation day, anyone can be called an expert and an authority. It is however, the pressures of reality that reveal otherwise. Turbulence for those seeking any easy way through life can be traumatic and painful.

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