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New Release: Joshua Nkomo~ Father Zimbwabwe: The Life and Times of an African Legend.
Posted by Ronald Mapamula on 6/21/2013

JOSHUA NKOMO- Father Zimbabwe: The Life and times of an African Legend.

The new book on Joshua Nkomo, popularly known as "Father Zimbabwe" and "Umdala Wethu"

This text traces the statesman's early life, education and wiring. It digs into his pre-political era in the NRZ. His nationalist years in the liberation struggle.

Having been written by Nkomo's nephew, the book also gives an in-depth insight on his family-social life and health.

The height of the book is the uniqueness and originalty of Joshua Nkomo's life in the government, the struggles and squabbles, helping Strive Masiyiwa get the long fought Telecoms license and the signing of The Unity Accord.

This book the closest account of Father Zimbabwe's life, both private and public.

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